Shipping from one residential address to another

Question: Why can’t I ship from one residential to another?

Answer: You can ship from one residential to the other. However, a signature will be required at the shipping address.

Due to the rise in fraudulent orders online, Flexible Assembly Systems has implemented an aggressive Anti-Fraud system that is administrated by their team of Online Fraud Specialists (OFS).

A common tactic used in online fraud is doorstep package theft. Doorstep package theft is when a thief is driving around residential areas and stealing packages off doorsteps. When ordering online, the thief would use the victim’s billing information and have the order shipped to a nearby vacant residential address. Upon delivery, they would steal the package from the location.

This causes detrimental harm to both the victim and Flexible Assembly Systems. An OFS will review the flagged order and determine whether the shipping location is vacant or being occupied. If your order does not have enough congruent information, you will be contacted by Customer Service to inform you that payment must be made via wire transfer and/or that a signature at the shipping location is required to procure the order.